Word: academic writing (engl.) (Online)
Word: academic writing (engl.) (Online)

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In this online course on academic writing/homework writing, the following content is covered, for example:

    1. Structure, layout and settings for scientific work

    2. Creating and using templates for academic writing

      • Title page

      • Header and footer

      • Style sheets

      • Table of contents

      • List of tables and figures

      • Referencing list

        3. Use of literature management software

          4. Workflow in scientific work

          The workshop is held with Windows.

          However, the instructor is happy to elaborate on differences between macOS and Windows.

          BACHELOR: 1. - 3. Semester

          MASTER: 1. - 2. Semester

          Zeitraum: 07.03.2022 - 11.04.2022

          Teilnehmer: max. 37 Teilnehmer

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