Studying and working in Germany (Online)

Studying and working in Germany (Online)

In the future, globalization and demographic shifts will lead to a growing number of foreign apprentices and students to work in German companies and attend German universities. For them, this new start often represents a large professional, cultural and personal challenge. Companies and universities that address their concern early on have a clear advantage – avoiding frustration on both sides and decreasing the likelihood that the newcomers’ training or studies will be prematurely broken off. This seminar provides support for foreign apprentices as well as students by offering an in-depth look into “typically German” behaviors as well as tips for successful integration.


    •  Impressions of Germany: expectations and perceptions of Germany

    •  Expectations of the new business or university

    •  Avoiding misunderstandings: interacting with directness and criticism              

    •  „The German work ethic“: orderliness, punctuality and performance-orientated approach

    •  Manners and polite forms of speech

    •  Appropriate behavior in meetings/respecting hierarchies        

    •  Bureaucracy: peculiarities in dealing with administrative bodies

    •  Making contacts, finding friends and accepting invitations


      • Theoretical input

      • Self-reflection exercises

      This training assumes that the participants leave their webcam switched on so that a real group experience can take place.

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