Study Abroad Semester Shanghai

Study Abroad Semester Shanghai

11.03.2024 bis 02.06.2024

Das erwartet dich

Boost your resumé by spending an entire semester abroad in the booming city of Shanghai! Dive into a completely new foreign culture and enrich your academic skillset by taking one of HS Fresenius’ most popular specializations at SILC Business School / Shanghai University. Studying abroad for one semester will also improve your chances for a qualified (international) career entry! The international office will take care of the planning and organization of your semester abroad and will guide you closely during your preparations. You will not lose any study time and you will receive full credit for all the work you have completed in China.

Shanghai is sometimes called Paris of the East and is definitely China’s most cosmopolitan city! You will encounter a breathtaking mix of tall skyscrapers in Shanghai’s financial district next to narrow alleyways in the older parts of town alongside beautiful tree lined lively streets in the historical French Concession area. Foodies will find themselves in a unique culinary paradise that awaits them with a never-ending variety of dishes and cuisines!

Exclusive benefits:

  • Student mentors from Shanghai University
  • Great university infrastructure: e.g. sports facilities, different cafeterias, study spaces, ...
  • Culture Days (welcome program including sightseeing, activities, registration at partner university etc.)

**Please note: This program is not free of charge. In addition to the regular tuition fees in Germany, participants pay a one-time fee for the entire semester abroad. Please feel free to attend one of our information sessions or book a consultation appointment if you would like more information on this.**

Registration through the International Office website.

BACHELOR: 4. - 5. Semester

BACHELOR: 1. - 3. Semester

  • Your grade point average at Hochschule Fresenius is at least 3.6
  • You will pass the Online English language test (offered every semester by HS Fresenius) after the application deadline, with a language level of at least B2. Alternatively, you can submit an official language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.) that is not older than two years to be exempt from the English language test. If applicable, please provide your certificate together with your application.

Zeitraum: 29.08.2023 - 15.10.2023

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