Social and Medical Humanities – a course in English
Social and Medical Humanities – a course in English

Das erwartet dich

This course will take place at the health campus in Munich. It is open to all courses and all levels. The course will be in English to strengthen competencies needed throughout life.


We will take turns with discussions of books, films and articles that address medical as well as social matters. The selection is made together with the participants. Lists of potential books and films can be found on Ilias.


We are looking forward to vivid, great and unrestricted discussion across disciplines.


Come and enjoy!


BACHELOR: 1. - 8. Semester

MASTER: 1. - 4. Semester

Teilnehmer: max. 50 Teilnehmer

Offene Plätze: 50

Wir nehmen uns gerne Zeit für dich und beantworten deine persönlichen Fragen.

Viktoria Schmidt-Schmiedebach

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Dr. Annegret Hagenberg