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Our Sales Crew is Freiraum's frontline, always on the lookout for new brands to join Freiraum as

well as searching for new attractive sectors. They own the brand relationship from when they

sign up, all the way through to the first sale and their annual feedback chats. The sales team is

usually on the phone or out and about for most of the week, speaking to potential new labels;

they are skilled at building trust, explaining how Freiraum works and nurturing successful longterm

relationships with our brands.


• Be the brand champion, driving business growth through finding new vibrant,

independent labels and winning them for the Freiraum concept

• Build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with small brands, helping them do

what they do best: create! while Freiraum takes care of the rest

• Proactively guide brands through our process and ensure we exceed their expectations,

effectively addressing concerns and issues

• Develop call and email templates as well as update & refine presentations and organize


• Provide weekly reporting and daily activity updates via Google Sheets (and later


• Liaise within various teams within Freiraum, such as Product, Marketing and IT to

achieve the best outcome for our brands

• Drive change throughout the business through structured feedback, ensuring we always

provide brands with the best possible experience across all aspects of Freiraum

BACHELOR: 1. - 7. Semester

MASTER: 1. - 3. Semester

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