Online GERMAN Communication Class, Level B1.1,  Thursday, 8pm-9.30pm - still open for registration

Online GERMAN Communication Class, Level B1.1, Thursday, 8pm-9.30pm - still open for registration

You are interested in training and improving your German communication skills? Then this German Language class is perfect for you!


The focus of this online class is on active participation and you will have conversations within the group and your teacher about current topics in society, culture, tourism and more.


In such a relaxed atmopshere, it is much easier to train your expression, vocabulary and understanding, without the pressure to perform.


The class takes place every Tuesday from 8 pm to 9.30 pm and starts on March 31.


No class in the period between April 17th and April 25th, as well as on May 26th.




Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Interessenten, die ihre kommunikativen Fähigkeiten trainieren und erweitern wollen.


Alle Teilnehmer nehmen aktiv am Unterricht teil und führen Gespräche untereinander und mit dem Lehrer über aktuelle Themen aus Gesellschaft, Kultur, Tourismus usw. In dieser lockeren Atmosphäre lassen sich Ausdruck, Wortschatz und Verstehen ohne Leistungsdruck üben.


This class is free of charge, exception OLP Students in Fernstudium"*.

You should have at least A2 level to follow the class and you should be keen to communicate verbally, talk about current issues and discuss business related topics.

You do not know your level? Then please drop an email to baerbel.mack@hs-fresenius de and you will receive a link to do a free assessment test.

Please note:

    With your registration via StudyPLUS, you are automatically confirmed and you should note the date/s of your course immediately.

    In case you are unable to attend after registration, please do change your status on StudyPLUS "to decline".

    As this is an online offer, please use your own device and dial in with your full name. Otherwise you will not registered as a participant.

    In case you experience technical problems, please drop a note asap, so we are able to fix the issue.

    Should you be late for the course start, please let your lecturer know.

    In case you have to leave the course early, please let your lecturer know.

    Please be informed, that in the case of your non-attendance of the course without a justified excuse and despite a binding registration, we will handle your future registration for optional offers subordinary.