ONLINE: Excel for Beginners (Englisch)

ONLINE: Excel for Beginners (Englisch)

Microsoft Excel is one of the best known and widely used tools for spreadsheet analysis worldwide. Excel provides features for editing and evaluating data. In this workshop you will gain basic knowledge in Excel functions.


    • Adapting the basics of operation

    • Useful key combinations

    • Handling workbooks and spreadsheets

    • Formatting of cells (color, font, frame, number formats, style sheets)

    • Presentation and structure of an effective Excel file

    • Calculations and formulas with numbers and dates

    • Functions (total, number, average, min, max, if, laps)

    • Fixing headings and selected columns

    • Use of the filter for easy data analysis

    • Use of the flash preview for easy data processing

    • Tips and tricks from the practice

    The course is conducted in English.

    Please understand that we provide university resources for this event, which is intended to benefit as many of you as possible. 

    Therefore, please register only if you can attend this event.

    In case of multiple unexcused absences you will unfortunately be excluded from the optional offers.

    2020-04-30 06:00 bis 2020-04-30 09:15,