Introduction to Machine Learning (Online)

Introduction to Machine Learning (Online)

Machine learning is becoming increasingly relevant: It is the art of making a computer do useful things without explicitly programming it to do so. More precisely, machine learning is the acquisition of new knowledge by an artificial system: Machine learning helps people to work more efficiently and creatively. While self-learning programs were exclusively a topic for research and some technology companies until a few years ago, they are now finding their way into completely normal products and solutions. Our everyday lives and our business lives are increasingly determined by intelligent programs that learn from data and generalize what they learn.


Machine learning helps to turn business data into cash: For example, companies that use machine learning can increase both revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Even beyond purely commercial applications, the areas of use are almost endless: Autonomous systems, automated diagnostic procedures, credit card fraud detection and stock market analysis are common applications.

After this workshop, participants will be able to

•    name the key elements of machine learning

•    distinguish between supervised and unsupervised modelling

•    understand why there is no such thing as a “one fits all model” to all problems

•    evaluate machine learning models for business applications

This course will be held in English. As this is an online course that is not geographically bound, the course is open to students from ALL LOCATIONS.

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