Intercultural Workshop  (ONLINE)
Intercultural Workshop (ONLINE)

Das erwartet dich

Strengthen your intercultural skills and get to know tools to communicate in an intercultural environment.

You will be able to face intercultural challenges easily, understand behavior of people from different countries and also learn to work with them in a very effective way.

You will learn about:

• What does intercultural competence exactly mean?
• Description of other cultures by using dimension from Hofstede
• Dealing with your own intercultural competence
• Solutions for the biggest intercultural challenges
• The most important best practices for interaction in an intercultural environment

Join our workshop and get inspired!

BACHELOR: 1. - 10. Semester

MASTER: 1. - 8. Semester

Zeitraum: bis 15.05.2022, 09:25 Uhr

Teilnehmer: max. 12 Teilnehmer

Offene Plätze: -10

Wir nehmen uns gerne Zeit für dich und beantworten deine persönlichen Fragen.

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