Intercultural Awareness (English) (Online)

Intercultural Awareness (English) (Online)

Studying in an intercultural setting — raising awareness, overcoming communication barriers, and keeping on top of things

This workshop is geared towards helping you to reflect on the dynamics of studying with fellow international students at Fresenius. Raising awareness and furthering understanding of the cultural background and characteristics of your fellow students as well as your host nation will be useful in getting the most out of your learning experience at Fresenius. An increased awareness of differing aspects of cultural traits will help you to appreciate where you stand. The coding and decoding of messages in an essential aspect in an intercultural setting and will be discussed against the backdrop of your host nation.

Being exposed to a new environment and adapting to it may take a while to process — especially if you’re a long way from home. Keeping on top of things is important to ensure equilibrium. One module will address the concept of self-care and ways of accessing support.

The classroom and virtual setup will last well into the spring of 2024. Hence, being able to maximise on the opportunities provided by the university infrastructure and the benefits resulting from a collaborative approach should help you on your way to achieve your academic and personal goals.

There will be ample space to address issues that you may bring to the workshop — resulting in group discussion, exploration, and dialogue. Active participation is encouraged and key to enjoying the sessions.

The workshop will be facilitated by Marc Venner, a UK and Singapore registered counsellor, mediator, and systemic coach. Marc is from a binational family and a native speaker of English and German. He has worked and lived in six countries in South East Asia and Europe and is therefore aware of the challenges and opportunities an internationally mobile life presents.

You are invited to join the workshops on:

21 April 2022, 4.30 to 7 PM

28 April 2022, 4.30 to 7 PM

We look forward to seeing you soon

Since this is an online course that is not geographically bound, the course is open to students from ALL LOCATIONS.

Information on the delivery platform and the necessary access data will be sent to all participants via StudyPLUS/by e-mail in good time before the course.

Please understand that we are expending university resources for this event, which should benefit as many of you as possible.

Therefore, please only register if you are able to attend this event.

If you have multiple unexcused absences, you will unfortunately be excluded from the optional offerings.

Please also note:

    • In case of technical failure or log-in problems, please inform the lecturers or the contact person in time and promptly

    • Please work on your own PC

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