21.08.2023 bis 25.08.2023, 10:00 - 13:40 Uhr

Would you like to learn German?
Then sign up for our online German Language intensive course. No previous knowledge is required.

Course times and days: 
August 21 till August 25, 10 am to 1.40 pm.

Course information:

  • 24 teaching units  
  • After taking part in the complete course and passing the exam, you will receive a certificate. 
  • Take an active part and turn on your camera and microphone 
  • Language courses take time - don't overestimate yourself!
  • Does your language level match the course? If you feel insecure, then please send a mail to

Course Content:
  • the alphabet (pronunciation/spelling)
  • numbers from 1 to 100
  • asking and answering W-questions (writing your own profile)
  • country names and adjectives
  • conjugation of regular verbs and have + be
  • separable verbs/verbs with vowel change
  • talking about leisure activities + hobbies
  • time of day and daily routine (asking and answering questions)
  • indefinite article and negation/possessive pronoun (nominative + accusative)
  • verbs with accusative complement
  • reading comprehension: Descriptions of people, hobbies and professions

Bitte beachten

  • Optional language courses are free of charge.
  • Except for OLP distance learning students, where the fee is €100 per language course.
  • Make sure you note down the course period, time and day.
  • You will receive the access link a few days before the course starts by e-mail and in the offer under "Venue and/or access link".
  • Unsubscribe via StudyPLUS (unsubscribe button) no later than three days BEFORE the course starts if you are unable to attend.
  • Also cancel your registration if you are on the waiting list - only places that have become free can be filled.
  • You arrive later on a course day or have to leave earlier? Then please inform the lecturers.
  • Unexcused absences can lead to subordinate treatment in offers.


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