Guest Lecture: Entrepreneurship - Blair (engl.) (Online)

Guest Lecture: Entrepreneurship - Blair (engl.) (Online)

2020-10-07 06:30 bis 2020-10-07 07:30,

Guest lecturer: Mike Mahlkow

An exclusive and exciting online guest lecture with Mike Mahlkow. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Blair", a young company in Silicon Valley, which finances students' studies through a special method. Similar to the German Bafög, Blair's repayment is only due in instalments after the studies. The founder, who grew up in Germany, began his career with an internship in San Francisco's Tech Valley before he started his start-up. Mike Mahlkow will talk about his company and his experiences as a founder, followed by a Q&A session.

You can find more information about his company here:


BACHELOR: 3. - 8. Semester

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Zeitraum: 07.09.2020 - 06.10.2020

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