Excel Beginner (engl.) (Online)
Excel Beginner (engl.) (Online)

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The course includes:

    • Review of the Excel basics

    • Handling workbooks and spreadsheets

    • Calculations and formulas with numbers and dates

    • Functions (total, number, average, min, max, …)

    • Formatting of cells (color, font, borders, number formats, …)

    • Use of the filter for easy data analysis

    • Using Flash Fill for an easier data processing

    • Freeze panes (first rows / columns)

    • Shortcuts in Excel

    • Tips and tricks from the practice

      BACHELOR: 1. - 8. Semester

      MASTER: 1. - 6. Semester

      Zeitraum: 06.09.2021 - 17.09.2021

      Teilnehmer: max. 30 Teilnehmer

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