Excel Beginner (engl.) (Online)

Excel Beginner (engl.) (Online)

The course will be held in English and includes:

    • Review of the Excel basics

    • Handling workbooks and spreadsheets

    • Calculations and formulas in Excel

    • Functions (sum, count, average, min, max, …)

    • Formatting of cells (color, font, borders, number formats, …)

    • Use of the filter for easy data analysis

    • Using Flash Fill for easier data processing

    • Freeze panes (first rows / columns)

    • Shortcuts in Excel

    • Tips and tricks from practice

    The course takes place with Windows. 

      General information

        • As this course is conducted online, please register with your own device and your full name. Otherwise you may not be registered as a participant.

        • In case of technical problems, please contact us immediately so that we can find a solution as soon as possible.

        • If you are late, please make sure that you are still registered as a participant by the lecturer.

        • If you have to leave the course before the end, please inform the instructor.

        • We reserve the right to give participants who are absent without excuse from workshops, courses, events, etc., lower priority for future participation. In many cases, an unexcused absence means that those interested in the offer cannot move up on the waiting list and valuable places remain free. In addition, the provision of the offers is associated with a high level of planning, coordination and costs.

        • Registration for all events is obligatory. If you are unable to attend the event for important reasons, please cancel your registration via StudyPLUS no later than five days before the event.

        • If you have any questions or problems, please contact the person named in the course description.

        • For this entry-level course no certificate is provided. Employers expect students to have a solid knowledge of MS Office. Certificates of entry-level courses may affect your application disadvantageously.

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