Discover your Resilience

Discover your Resilience

Boost your Resiliecne Potential!


What do you know about self-management in complex and volatile environments? Resilience is an integral part of mental health and managing our resources as scientists and entrepreneurs. In this workshop, you will learn about useful mindsets to cope with stressful situations and develop strategies that suit your needs. Discover how to train your inner strength by using your personal resources.

Who we are

Young Entrepreneurs in Science is an interactive workshop program for PhDs, postdocs, and Master students to help you ignite your entrepreneurial spirit! Together with your peers, you will learn methods and skills to realize your innovative potential. Admission is free and no previous knowledge is required.

Workshop Goals

  • Learn about useful mindsets to cope with stressful
  • Practice creating room for positive perspectives
  • Develop resilience strategies that suit your needs
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Marc Gresch & Ariane Storbeck

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