Crafting Your Future – Create a Winning CV for the German  Job Market (engl.) (Online)

Crafting Your Future – Create a Winning CV for the German Job Market (engl.) (Online)

Robert Gierse is lead consultant at Frazer Jones, and is responsible for the end-to-end recruitment for HR roles across Germany. He also runs the company’s HR Talent program, which gives HR juniors a platform for peer exchange. This comprehensive experience across all stages of the recruitment process has given him unique insights into the perspectives of recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. As a result, he helps young professionals find jobs that fit perfectly with their skillset and personality. In this session, he will discuss what companies are looking for and how to define your strengths in order to create a winning CV.

The following topics will be covered:

    • Content / structure of the CV

    • Dealing with gaps

    • Relevance of the German language and how to deal with it in the CV

    • Relevance of different stations & expectations of recruiters and companies on CVs

    • Peculiarities of the German job market or employers in Germany

    • Placement opportunities & presentation of competencies

    • Do's & Don'ts

    • Social media visibility

    • General tips

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