Business Language Issues, montags 18:00h- 21:15:h
Business Language Issues, montags 18:00h- 21:15:h

Das erwartet dich

In diesem semesterbegleitenden Kurs erwarten Sie z.B. folgende Inhalte:

    • Introducing self and others

    • Small talk: Common phrases to show interest in a conversation, Suitable Topics

    • The News: Typical phrases and vocabulary, Meaning of Headlines, Giving an opinion

    • Business Correspondence: Layouts and structures of written correspondence, Levels of formality, key phrases, attachments

    • Grammar:  • Articles, quantifiers, and pronouns, Modal verbs and Passive voice, Prepositions in email, Reflexive pronouns and Verbs, Reported Speech

    • How to write a comment: Statements of thought, Sentence connectives

    BACHELOR: 1. - 8. Semester

    MASTER: 1. - 4. Semester

    Zeitraum: 20.02.2020 - 11.03.2020

    Teilnehmer: max. 20 Teilnehmer

    Offene Plätze: 17

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