Brush up your English B1, Monday

Brush up your English B1, Monday


Course times and days: 
mondays, 27th of march to 19th of june, 9:10 am -10:40 am

Remark: In consultation between the participants and the lecturers, individual course days can be adjusted.

Our Business English basics course offers you the opportunity to brush up on specific idioms and grammatical rules in everyday working life and to present yourself appropriately in your profession. In addition, you will learn the basics of communicating with business partners and the rules of English correspondence.

You will discuss the exact content and expectations of this course with your lecturer during the first seminar, and he or she will address your individual questions and topics during the subsequent individual sessions. Topics may include, for example, how to write a good cover letter in English and what the special features are in a successful English-language CV.

Course information:

  • 24 teaching units  
  • After taking part in the complete course and passing the exam, you will receive a certificate. 
  • Take an active part and turn on your camera and microphone 
  • Language courses take time - don't overestimate yourself!
  • Does your language level match the course? If you feel insecure, then please send a mail to

Course Content:
  • Past tenses  
  • Present perfect tense  
  • Future tenses  
  • Tense and place prepositions  
  • Adjectives and verbs  
  • Gerund  
  • Infinitives

27.03.2023 bis 19.06.2023, 09:10 - 10:40 Uhr

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