Brush up your Business English B2, thursdays

Brush up your Business English B2, thursdays

Are you thinking about applying for an internship abroad or do you need English for your everyday work? Then come to the Brush up your Business English course and learn how to write a good cover letter in English and what the special features are in a successful English CV. Here, you will learn everything about Business English.

This course takes place every thursday, from 18:05 to 19:35

Course information:

  • 26 teaching units
  • After taking part in the course and passing the exam, you will receive a certificate.
  • Take an active part and turn on your camera and microphone
  • Language courses take time - don't overestimate yourself
  • Does your language level match the course? You feel insecure, then please send a mail to
Course Content: 
  • Making business calls
  • Making contacts
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Giving presentations
  • Process descriptions
  • Writing technical instructions
  • Passive Verbal phrases
  • Connecting words
  • Sequential adverbs
  • Discussing sentence errors: choppy sentence, comma-spliced, stringy sentence, run-on sentence


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