Application Training - Dos & Don'ts (engl.) (Online)

Application Training - Dos & Don'ts (engl.) (Online)

Better be prepared - From a perfectly successful cover letter to successfully mastering a job interview, you can find out everything you need to know about applications in Germany - what is allowed and what is better to avoid. 

If available, you are also welcome to bring your CV.

Since it concerns an on-line course, which takes place spatially unbound, the course stands for the studying ALL LOCATIONS open. 

Information on the implementation platform and the necessary access data will be sent to all participants via StudyPLUS/by e-mail in good time before the course.

Please understand that we are devoting university resources to this event, which should benefit as many of you as possible. 

Therefore, please register only if you can attend this event. In case of multiple unexcused absences you will unfortunately be excluded from the optional offers.

2020-10-09 02:00 bis 2020-10-09 04:30,