Internship abroad


You would like to complement your studies with an internship at an interesting institution or a well-known company abroad or complete your practical semester outside Germany? No problem!

Experience abroad and intercultural skills are becoming increasingly important. For many personnel managers, it is almost a matter of course that applicants have spent some time abroad – preferably in a professional context, of course. For this reason, more and more students are considering an internship abroad.

An internship abroad is associated with organizational effort, but we know: It’s worth it! The many impressions of an internship abroad broaden your personal horizons, enrich your resume and strengthen your own personality. You will gain new and interesting experiences, get to know the business culture and work processes of your country of choice, and improve your foreign language skills along the way.

For internships abroad within Europe you can use the Erasmus+ program, for internships outside Europe the PROMOS program. In the study programs Biosciences – Applied Biology for Medicine and Pharmacy (B.Sc.) and Applied Chemistry for Analytics, Forensics and Life Science (B.Sc.), an internship abroad can also take place in the course of the practical semester.


An internship abroad offers you various advantages. You want to gain your first practical experience in an international context and discover your own strengths and weaknesses? This can be realized in an internship abroad. In addition, you get a first insight into your dream job and make international contacts. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get to know other cultures and countries.


The Erasmus+ program supports both study visits and internships in public or private institutions in the 33 participating program countries of the Erasmus+ program. The internship must have a duration of at least 2 to a maximum of 12 months. Even after graduating with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, graduates still have the opportunity to have internships abroad funded by Erasmus+ for 12 months.

Funding is available for internships for students in a host institution in another European country (excluded are EU institutions or institutions administering EU programs as well as diplomatic representations of the students‘ countries of origin).

With an internship abroad in the Erasmus program you gain your first work experience in an international environment. In addition, you can expand your key qualifications such as communication and cooperation skills, openness and knowledge of other cultures and markets. You will receive funding for a mandatory internship or a voluntary internship between 2 and 12 months.

The program offers students the following benefits:

  • Monthly allowance according to table
  • EU internship contract between university or company and student. It is possible to carry out the internship at another university
  • Support in the preparation of the stay abroad
  • Support during the internship by a contact person in the home university and in the company.
  • Academic recognition of academic achievements abroad: The recognition of credits earned abroad is regulated in the General Examination Regulations (in accordance with the Lisbon Agreement). All study and internship achievements are recognized according to the Learning/Training Agreement and documented in the Diploma Supplement. For Erasmus+ mobilities, all students receive a Traineeship Certificate.


The PROMOS program supports and promotes students who wish to gain practical experience outside Europe. The PROMOS scholarship program of the DAAD, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, promotes the mobility of students abroad. Among other things, internships in non-European countries between 2 and 6 months are funded. Exceptionally, internships can also be funded in the period between the completion of the bachelor’s degree and the start of the master’s degree. The prerequisite here, however, is that admission to the Master’s program has been granted.

go abroad with the practical semester

In the bachelor’s degree programs Biosciences – Applied Biology for Medicine and Pharmacy (B.Sc.) and Applied Chemistry for Analytics, Forensics and Life Science (B.Sc.), the so-called practical semester can also be completed abroad. This is an internship that takes at least 20 weeks full-time and can be completed at a company in Germany or abroad. Numerous cooperation partners of Hochschule Fresenius are available for this purpose and will support you in choosing your internship location. This integrated internship can be completed in Italy, Spain, Canada or Australia, for example.